He’s Fancy, He’ll Go Glove

5 Aug


Sports and movies are two of the my favorite things in the world. So one might imagine when the two are combined, my head nears explosion. I preface the following story with this: When someone is drunk, you can learn a lot about them. At the beginning of the summer before last I arrived at my house, greeted by a gathering of people in my back yard (my older brother was having a party). I had just come home from the gym and had planed on going out to the city that night. I saw the people and decided to stay in and attend this party instead.

I had one drink , then another and then another.

The last thing I remember is playing a game of Flip Cup, and then…………. emptiness.

When I awoke the next morning I was greeted by a bottle of Absolute Brooklyn in my bed with me. She had not been gentle with me the night before

As I walked down into my kitchen at 2pm in the afternoon, I was met with disapproving faced, and head-shakes, from my mother and my 2 brothers . The first thing i was asked was, “Do you have any idea what you did last night?” My response of course being “NO” because I did not. Thankfully in his ever-caring kindness, my older brother had documented the waning hours of the night, which had, up until this point, been forgotten by me.

We made our way to the basement and hooked up his camera to the television.

The opening shot looked like a scene that had been left on the editing room floor when they were putting together the final cut of “Cloverfield”. It was shaky camera work, seeing as how my brother is no Martin Scorsese, or even Sofia Coppola for that matter, and eventually it came into focus. The establishing shot was a panning of the party (beautifully done) which then landed on me, head in hands sitting on a bench in my yard (thankfully the events never left the comfortable confines of my yard). This shot last for about two minutes, and was apparently preceded by 58 Min of me doing the exact same thing, I hadn’t moved. My brother then begins to ask me random questions.

These questions culminate with a response that is the inspiration for the title of this post, and proves my qualifications.

The last few minutes of dialogue goes something like this:

Christopher (My older brother): “AJ are you ok?

Me(AJ): I’m fine god dammit, leave me alone (keep in mine at this point I am beyond drunk)

James(My Younger Brother): (Laughter)

Chris: I’m going to ask you one more question.

AJ: Whatever, I hate you

Chris: What was your favorite part of the night?

AJ:(In all honesty, this is what I said) When Gunner Stahl went glove side on Julie “The Cat” Gaffney.

Christopher: (Laughing, but not missing a beat) What if he goes stick?

AJ: He’s Fancy He’ll Go Glove

James: When did tonight become Mighty Ducks 2

AJ: Somewhere towards the middle.

Nobody that entire night has mentioned anything about Might Ducks 2, or any other Emilio Estevez classic for that matter. But it was on the tip of my tongue, because movies of that caliber should never be forgotten.

So if there is a better qualification to write about movies, sports and culture, than Mighty Ducks 2 being your go-to drunk quote movie, I dare you to show me.

In conclusion; Gunner, switch it up every once in a while. When everybody knows what move you’re going to go to in the shootout, it’s a miracle when you do score. However your abilities to lose your Icelandic Accent, change your name, and become the varsity goalie for the third film, are extremely underrated.


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