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My Childhood Dream Comes True

4 Mar

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t care if this video is real or if it’s completely fake. All I know is that when I watched it I felt like a little kid again.

When I was little the one thing I consistently asked for for my birthday and Christmas was a Hoverboard. I had seen Back to the Future 2 and was immediately obsessed with the idea of the Hoverboard. I asked for it knowing full well that it wasn’t real and that I would never actually be able to get one.

As I got older one would assume that I would grow out of my fascination with Back to the Future and the Hoverbard in turn, but MY GOD was that not the case. I only grew to love the movie even more. I’ve probably watched it over 100 times since I first saw it. I have BTTF shirts and toys and even a flux capacitor tattoo, because as we know, that’s what makes time travel possible. For my 25th birthday my coworkers got me the newly released BTTF Lego set because that’s what you get for your birthday as an adult.
About two years ago I bought a replica Hoverboard off eBay for a little over $100. I was just Styrofoam and stickers, this was before Mattel released the replica one, but I didn’t care. I was one step closer to getting my Hoverboard, and now I’m one step even closer.

I don’t care how much this winds up being, again, if it is even real. But I will have me a damn Hoverboard if it’s the last thing I do.