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25 Nov

When asked what is best in life, most people would respond with the following:

1) To crush your enemies.

2) To see them driven before you.


3) To hear the lamentation of their women.

Those should probably be the only answers anybody should ever give.

However, there are other things that I find to be the best things in life.

This post is inspired by my best friend Matt who showed me a list of things that he thinks are the best things in the world.

This list doesn’t have a finite number of items on it nor, will it ever be truly finished.

It begins here:

1) When you are flipping through the channels and a movie you love is just starting. (Preferably: Jumanji, BTTF, or The Sandlot)

2) When you are looking for a parking spot and find the best one right away.

3) When Paula Abdul reunited with MC Skat Kat

4) That moment when you’re drunk right after you finish peeing.

5) When you arrive at a location faster than your Apple Maps app said that you would.

6) The smell of anything that involves Vanilla Bean.

7) That scene in RANSOM when Mel Gibson yells “Give me back my son!!!!”

8) Playing Mario Kart Drunk (Non Wii, either 64 or SNES)

9) When you figure our the MissingNo. cheat in Pokemon Red / Blue

Like I said, this is a work in progress and will be continuously updated.